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Part 3: Great Things


Here are some.

  1. We need to remember the message. It is not "You ought to come to church." It is, "It is much better, if you come to the Lord"!
  2. We need to remember the purpose. It is not a building, or crowds, or excitement, or decision-tallying, or purging evil from our town, city, county, state, or nation. Our purpose is to help individual people see and come to the Lord for mutual benefit.
  3. We can go where the people are with the message, and not expect them to come to us.
  4. We can get as many believers as possible involved, and not expect the pastor to do it all.
  5. We can go out in pairs or in groups, and do planning in order to make this successful.
  6. We can keep contact with each other, so that pairs or groups can be quickly assembled to meet opportunities that arise.
  7. We can recognize, support and liberate the special people God has given to the church, and thus help the whole church help more folks come to the Lord.
  8. We can ask God to drive us to use the gifts He has given, for His purposes.
  9. We with our churches, can contact others with other churches, who understand these things, and combine our distinctivenesses into strengths in unity in the name of God.
  10. We can get the emphasis off of coming to church to see God's power revealed. God's power should be following us into the streets.

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