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School Murders and the Increasing

There are great and terrible questions, concerning the recent increases in school murders.

School murders are fueled, it is suggested, when people are given to build their inner ethics to include a joy of mass murder. The Lord did not ask the centurion (Mt 8:5, Lk 7:2) to resign his commission; therefore, if we follow Him in this, we do not seek the disbandment of military, and we consider that they and their mission are necessary until He returns. But joy of delivery of death is different. Death is not a good thing unto the Lord: when people have made covenants -- commitments, agreements -- with death as a devotion and practice, He has been most unhappy with them, and has caused their total destruction (Is 28:14-22). I think it is very clear how many entertainment engineers today, and many Christmas present purchasers too, and players of many games, are working to encourage the joy of the delivery of death.

But, says the thoughtful reader, this is not enough. Despicable religious and antireligious leaders have been advocating joyful devotion to death for thousands of years, successfully, to millions upon millions of people, and continue to do so today. Even many modern cooperative nations, whose leaders proclaim military action in the name of preserving and enacting peace, were in part founded by people who joyfully engaged in the mass death that is war, and did so very publicly for the primary sake of their own personal glory and joyful plunder. Why weren’t they and their friends burning down and blowing up schoolhouses? What, really, is the new thing perverting human beings’ inner ethical images, making them so profoundly terrible that they eagerly plot to blow up schoolhouses, and laugh in joy when they machine-gun children?

Another low-hanging target, is what is being called political correctness. It is lies called truth, and it is truth called lies. It is demands of respect for evil, and it is demands of disrespect for that which is good and right and true. When a human being accepts political correctness in building her or his inner ethical image, their soul becomes a monstrous thing, a many-headed dragon inside that constantly chews on and blows fire at itself. One can see all sorts of behavior, both self-destructive and externally destructive, which results. But this still does not address the original question, because school murders have never been common, in most places where profound and terrible political correctness have existed.

It is suggested that there is only one recent addition to the mix, that fits as a catalyst: the size and pressure of today’s data dumping.

Today there is more contradictory data being thrown at peoples’ ethical development, most especially at children, than ever before in human history. Children and young adults are taught through more sources than ever before in human history, every day, that they must respect the opinions of other people who promote the joy of murder, and the joy of the destruction of human families, and the joy of the defiance of all human ethics in general. And to pervert people even further, many of the most prominent teachers of today are adding “follow your dreams, whatever they are; hold onto them for dear life!!!”

So for the love of people who love them, and in the interest of their own selves and their own opportunities, and to shut the voices up, people often accept the political correctnesses as ethic. And the dragons inside them grow, and grow more heads, each of which has dreams, to be followed; and the dragons grow so big, that their containers cannot begin to understand anything anymore. Therapists throw up their hands because it’s all chaos; patients do not know anything good to want, so they are given drugs…and therapists are on their own drugs, or different drugs, for the same reason. The drugs are anesthetic, that is, they mask the pain and the inner fire and the related terror; they allow the drugged to imagine that the dragons don’t matter; but they do not put the fires out. And many heads of many of those dragons, grab hold of enough territory inside, that plans are made and terrible things are done.

Power-mad politicians, and their pet engineers, may one day use neural computing to drive much of this data, for enormously worse evil than has ever been seen on the face of the earth. One may pray the Lord against this, but we need also remember that the Lord teaches us not invest into this world (Mt 6:19-33), because it is condemned, and doomed. It is the Kingdom of God to which we need be devoted. Our mission is to help His Agent, the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, help rescue people out of this world; our mission is not to preserve it, because its Creator has already called for its destruction and replacement. So if we are righteous, which is to say, in agreement with the Lord, we pray for His help to individuals, actual individual people to whom He sends us, and we do this as much as we can learn how.

We also need to remember, and learn how as much as possible, to seek that which is good, and avoid that which is evil, according to the things the Lord has Personally said in Holy Scripture. And the only one who is good, according to the Lord, is God Himself (Mk 10:18, Lk 18:19): when we find that which is not good within us, we ask Him to renew our mind (Ro 12:2). It is only this way that we can do very well, and help everyone we care about to do the same, as long as we can, and as much as we can, until He takes us to our new home.

Jonathan Brickman
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© 2017 Jonathan Brickman


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